Friday, February 27, 2009

News Nuglets

-- Obama claims troops are out by 2010.  which means at best, they start by 10, and it actually says that even the reserves are pulled by the end of 2011.  i guess we'll need them here for the end of the world in 2012.
-- Coen bros make a commercial in an snl manner to bust big coals chops:

-- octopus causes worst news story presented by cnn ever.  I cannot believe how bad this is.  Its the reason that local news is always a source of entertainment.  I feel like they just made this bad on purpose.  Does anyone else get what im sayin here?  On a lighter note, I ate octopus in Greece.  My friend Mano kept calling it "octopussy".  "Do you like the octopussy?",  "ask you friend is she likes the octopussy."
--this is a great link to some british weird news show connected with the bbc.  its called oddbox.  and on this little 5 minute episode, you get an 82 year old metalhead, a game called cornish hurling where the whole town just beats the hell out of each other for a ball, battle of the oranges, which is sort of like it sounds, and all kinds of other weird rad newsbits.  enjoy.

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