Thursday, February 19, 2009

WOW! 2 of my favorites, together!!

man, how come no one ever showed me this before!  I can't believe with as much nerding out over both of them over the years as I've done, that I've never seen any of this footage before.  Now, I HAVE heard of the movie (Human Highway) that they did, and i'm pretty sure the footage of "worried man" that I always see is from that, but I never saw this jam w/ DEVO and Neil Young playing "my my hey hey (into the black)."  Its got Mark Motherbaugh singing as Boogie Boy.  What a gem of a find.  Anyone have a whole copy of this flick?  Time to add it to the list.  Check it out.
Neil Young & Devo

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  1. I've find out this video some time ago and its just amazing. NY its my all time hero and DEVO its my first band on the new wave era, back in highschool 1978...