Monday, February 9, 2009

new york city recap

holy shit.  too much to tell.  But i have to try.  its been a hell of a week.  Last week after we did the benefit show in Raleigh as Funkadelic, Nitewolf and I split up to Jersey in the Cutlass on one hour sleep to see Metallica.  And I'm here to tell you that they rocked.  No bullshit.  They really killed it.  They played a ton of old stuff and a couple tracks from the new album.  I haven't heard it, but it doesn't really matter to me if it sucks or not.  Live, they pulled it off in the same vein as the old stuff, so it had the fast pounding rhythm that made me like them in the first place.  I dont know any of the shit after the black album, so im not sure if they played any of that or not.  I will say that there wasn't a point where i was like, "well, this one sucks."  and thats a good thing.  Thanx to the Sword for the sweet floor tix.  We were right there ten feet from Hetfield and Hammett.  Nuts.  Then around midnight, we went up to go see our buddies in Golden Error play in Brooklyn.  Then they took us over to this spot that we'd play later in the week called the Shank.  Its a new afterhours warehouse party spot in Brooklyn.  We partied there til it wasn't nighttime anymore.  Butts shaking, everyone just rocking out to some 50s and early 60s 45s thrown down by Jonathan Toobin, all night long.  Then, finally- we slept.  Now, i know i was there for like 4 more days between then and our first show, but to tell you the truth, a lot of it kind of blurs together.  I know that it snowed one day really hard, and it layed and was beautiful, and i know later i fell on the ice and got a nasty bruise on my side.  I know that i had many amazing meals, and i know that i spent too much money in many different ways.  I got fucking ripped off getting my alternator fixed, but thats mechanics in manhattan for ya.  I had some killer pizza @ my buddys spot in Brooklyn called Roberta's.  But i'm blanking on most everything else.  So fast forward a bit, and all the dudes are in nyc now and its a bitter BITTER cold day.  Im saying 20 at the highest.  in the teens for sure, and the wind chill coming off the east river was un-fucking-believable.  We manage get over to the event, and all day we are trying to stay warm.  We play (we slay).  Snowboarders fly thru the air.  Some other band plays.  We drink.  a lot.  a whole lot.  Then things are getting crazy.  I played/ talked video games with Spider-Man's girlfriend for a hot second.  But she wasn't there with Spider-man, she was with some dude who looked more like Elongated Man. Food is served.  Pisses are taken behind the tent.  Models are sucking down our rum.  Little kids are being ushered out.  Drunken howls are loosed.  Pants are dropped (not mine).  Tents are cleared.  I snag a pass to take pics at the top of the ramp.  Its so cold that my legs are knotting up @ the top of this 8 story ramp, and i'm hoping that if i fall, i can fall to the right so that i just end up sliding down this enormous fucking thing.  I wander back over to the stage just as things are wrapping up. The snowboarding goes over time.  Anthrax plays 4 songs, and are shut down for time.  BUT- they did get to play "Bring the Noise" with Chuck D from Public Enemy.  That's a highlight.  So then, after another night in the swank Thompson LES hotel they put us up in, we sit around all day (in my car) waiting to play this party.  And we rocked, and then it was time to split.  Debaucherous.  and really, waay to much to actually recap in a few paragraphs.  I know i'll be remembering shit from this trip for weeks.  So so so good to see all of you characters from all the different time streams of my life.
BONUS.  got to stop in DC for a record fair today.

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