Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awesome Band Alert #2

hello, and welcome to another addition of Awesome Band Alert. Today's band's are not new bands, but they are exciting and refreshing nonetheless. I feel that you guys who have not heard about them will be psyched to check them out. These are all bands from the triangle area of North Carolina which consists of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.  Let's get started.  band#1- the first two bands that we'll discuss played a killer house party (which are very rare in these parts these days) in Raleigh this weekend.  the first one ill talk about is Double Negative. (actually the first band that played was called Whatever Brains, but I missed them.)  So, Double Negative are no bullshit hardcore band that kill it.  Need more info?  how about a video showing them jam?  That should sum it up for you.  Brian Walsby is the drummer and did the art for our Exit Strategy video.  He has a new book (his fourth) coming out on Bifocal Media w/ yet another Melvins "official?" bootleg.
ok. band #2 is the Birds of Avalon.  they are labelmates of ours and put on a hell of a show.  We were all fans of the different bands that they are made up of (Cherry Valence, Dynamite Brothers, Olympus Mons, Pyramid, the Weather, etc.)  and so a few years back, they just started blazing away.  Ive gotten word that they have a new record in the can, and I cant wait to get my filthy paws on a copy.  The new jams and Can cover that they played were awesome @ the party.  This party by the way, was most certainly the perfect example of a how to do up a house party.  You couldn't fit one more person in (even tho they tried).   And there were super young lil dudes just rocking... some so young that they didn't even care about scoring beer, they were just there to party.  That to me, is always a beautiful thing.  It was getting so crazy that the floor was flexing, crackheads were being escorted out to the lawn, and i was starting to get a real "hey now!/old man" type vibe.  Haha.  It was hectic to say the least.  I had beer and confetti (that Craig Tilly- their singer threw out) in my hair, and even the next day some in my bed.
alright, and finally- band #3- Caltrop.  This is one of my favorite bands around right now.  i absolutely love their new album and have been jamming the fucking demos from it since last year.  Jason Lucian Thorr was a drummer in this band in the beginning and will still jam with them from time to time.  Adam Nolton is one of my favorite guitar players in the country and I believe that Sam and him having been writing some amazing licks while this band has been going.  Adam used to have this band called Pegasus while I was living in Chapel Hill about 5 years ago, and I used to love to go get stoned and listen to them jam.  But now, this band is even better, what with Murat from Kerbloki, and other local bands on bass and vocals, and speaking of Sam, I think that with this band, his guitar playing has improved from other bands he's been in, and his goddamn vocals on this are unbelievable.  I feel like this is a weird compliment, but I think the band sounds like Big Business if they wrote Earthless type jams w/ a Hendrix player on guitar and the dude from Soundgarden singing.  In the best way possible.  But they are even better than that, because hendrix didnt have a killer harmony man jamming guitar with him, and theyve got Murat on vox as well as John Crouch on drums.  And that dude is every bit the drummer that Jason was, and is.  Meaning- I hold them both high on my drummer scale.  So yup.  Come out to see them play with us this Sunday @ Tir Na Nog in Raleigh.  Now, all you have to do is check out all these links and you'll become a super genius, like me.

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  1. have you checked out the moistboyz at all? it's dean ween's side project band. they play grimey ass rock.