Tuesday, February 10, 2009

more nyc pics

alahoyus.  here are a few other pics i thought you'd enjoy from nyc.  the one with the clown was on the side of like a shiner's hospital ex-ambulance vehicle that clowns go see sick little kids in, I guess, but check out how sinister the clown looks.  And what kind of hospital lets a evil clown named "BJ" come over?  It just seemed like the dirtiest shit i'd ever seen.  Its no wonder everyone is scared of clowns.  There is no fucking way I'd want this clown coming over to cheer me up.  The graffiti was from Bushwick in Brooklyn.  "DICKCHICKEN" just made me laugh as i was about to get on the subway.  it also snowed like a mother while i was there.  beatuimous.

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