Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new Wired magazine reflects CARNOSAUR plot

I was pissing at a cookout the other day at my friend's house and I saw the new Wired magazine on the back of his toilet. Normally I wouldn't really give too much of a shit unless I was actually TAKING a shit, BUT something caught my eye. The cover of this reads: "Scientists know how to turn a chicken into a dinosaur. What could possibly go wrong?" Well- I've got one word for ya- CARNOSAUR!! Didn't they learn anything from Doc and that hippie chick and fucking Clint Howard? Diane Ladd is a madman or a madWOman! DO NOT SEEK THE TREASURE!! ABORT MISSION! I'm sorry, but you need only watch as the T REX runs rampant and the heroes are killed in the end anyway to stop the virus from spreading to the rest of the populace. I thought these dudes over at WIRED magazine were smart. I guess I'll have to watch the sequels now to find out what to do next. Oh, well...

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