Thursday, October 13, 2011

RoCKNOWLEDGY episode 9 is up on ITunes, & elsewhere

Rocknowledgy episode 9 is up finally! Its free on iTunes and also for direct download here:

Sorry for this one being late everyone! Because I uploaded the first 5 at one time, it filled up my space last month. It shouldn't happen again! Thanks for listening!!

Its frustrating how amazing these shows are compared to how short they are. One hour a week? Come on, I could do this shit for hours without taking a break! I have before! (and someday, I will again.) In the meantime, here's your weekly dose of everything that is good in the world of music.

Rocknowledgy Episode 9 Playlist:

T-6000 intro
Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation- Watch 'N' Chain
Socrates Drank the Conium- Who is to Blame
Libyans- Blood and Rust
Frank Black- Speedy Marie
The Adventures of Robert Savage- Road Apples
Death in Action- Perfect and Beautiful
Kiddus I- Graduation in Zion
Mastodon- Black Tongue
Blonde Redhead- Melody of a Certain Three
The Stanley Brothers- Rabbit in a Log
Bill Callahan- Eid Ma Clack Shaw
RTX- Nature's Way (Spirit Cover)
Gram Parsons- Big Mouth Blues
The Minutemen- Party with Me Punker
Piedmont Charisma- The First Time is Yours
Yellow Magic Orchestra- Behind the Mask
T-6000 outro
Kiss- Hard Luck Woman

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